Ubuntu partners

At Canonical, we provide the services our partners need to ensure their hardware and software works optimally with the Ubuntu platform. This means working with technology leaders large and small, to provide the software, services, support and certification they need to complement their core competencies. For technology customers, this has created a thriving market of suppliers with Ubuntu expertise.

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A selection of Ubuntu partners

  • QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • ARM
  • IBM
  • EMC
  • Avago Technologies

World leaders in the cloud

We partner with a wide range of cloud vendors, offering engineering assistance, support and ongoing quality assurance to the ecosystem that is fast developing around Ubuntu and OpenStack. As a result, Ubuntu is the now world’s most popular OS for OpenStack, with over 60% of deployments worldwide. Meanwhile, the Certified Public Cloud programme, offers optimised Ubuntu images for users of the world’s top public clouds. Two levels of partnership — Premier and Certified — give partners the flexibility to choose a level of involvement that best suits their needs.

Tablet scopes

Driving innovation on devices and PCs

Ubuntu re-invents how users engage with content and services on smartphones, making it quicker and easier to discover and access. We invite OEMs and carriers to get involved in bringing this new mobile user experience to consumers. Consider a rare opportunity to help shape the future of smartphones, either as a phone OEM partner or via the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group. Thanks to Canonical’s OEM and retail partners, Ubuntu has been available pre-installed on PCs all over the world, for several years. The same underlying OS will soon be available on smartphones and tablets, as well.

Ubuntu is backed by Canonical

Canonical is a software development and technology services company with staff in more than 30 countries around the world. Created alongside Ubuntu in 2004, it supports the platform’s development in many ways, from assisting with design and development to certification and the management of partner programmes.

We help you deliver your products without the cost and complexity associated with platform development. We provide training, support, QA and hands-on engineering expertise when you need it. Not to mention the marketing benefits of formalising your relationship with Ubuntu.

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