Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud

Ubuntu is enormously popular with providers delivering public cloud services today. Together with significant developer mindshare, a favourable licensing model and a policy of regular updates have made Ubuntu the number one platform for cloud guests, the world over.

If you operate a public cloud or you’re considering launching one, the Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud programme lets you make certified, secure and up to date Ubuntu images available to your users, along with the opportunity to sell management, monitoring and commercial support from Canonical — all of which represent additional revenue opportunities.

What’s included?

There are many benefits for partners in the Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud programme:

  • Certified Ubuntu cloud images, tuned and tested to your environment, ensure optimal performance
  • Regular and automated refresh of Ubuntu images for enhanced user experience and increased security
  • Automated publication across all cloud availability zones for facilitated operations
  • Being featured as a certified partner on the Ubuntu website, including the ability to use Ubuntu Public Cloud certification logos
  • Joint marketing opportunities, including revenue-sharing for services and management tools delivered under Ubuntu Advantage
  • Automated publication across all cloud availability zones for more efficient operations

Premier cloud partners

We collaborate with our Premier Certified Public Cloud partners on numerous disruptive developments that are driving the cloud forward. They include Juju, a groundbreaking application modelling tool that brings rapid deployment, scaling and integration of complex applications to any cloud, leading to ecosystem and workload growth for our partners.

A selection of our public cloud partners

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Oracle
  • Packet
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace
  • City Network
  • Dimension Data