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The Ubuntu OpenStack interoperability lab (OIL) is an integration lab in which we test our cloud partners’ products in countless Ubuntu OpenStack configurations, over and over again. Currently we are working with over 3,500 combinations per month.

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Proven integration testing

Canonical has a long history of interoperability testing between OpenStack and Ubuntu. To bring the benefits of our work to the rest of the ecosystem, we’ve launched the Ubuntu OpenStack interoperability lab, making it easier for you to QA the compatibility of your products with the world’s leading open cloud platform.

A sophisticated testing and integration process

Our process tests current and future developments of OpenStack against current and future developments of Ubuntu Server and Server LTS. As the ecosystem has grown, we’ve expanded it to include a wide array of guest operating systems, hypervisors, storage technologies, networking technologies and software-defined networking (SDN) stacks. We’ve also worked with partners familiar with Ubuntu and OpenStack but unfamiliar with Juju, MAAS and Juju charms, to help them more fully integrate their solution with Ubuntu.

It’s never been more important to test your hardware and software against the entire OpenStack ecosystem. So how do you get involved?

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What’s included?

As a partner involved in the interoperability lab you can expect:

  • Comprehensive interoperability testing of your products
  • Monthly reporting on the results of the tests
  • Ongoing maintenance and tuning of Ubuntu OpenStack
  • Technical alignment to synchronise development timelines
  • Training on the creation, adaptation and real-world use of Juju Charms
  • Continuous integration testing of your products with the latest OpenStack and Ubuntu releases
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Training in maximising returns on your relationship with Canonical

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