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Partnering with Canonical is a great way to keep your products ahead of the competition. The Technical Partner Programme gives you access to information, tools and training that can help you get to market quicker and for less. And in retail and online, we work with our hardware partners on the promotion of Ubuntu to consumers and businesses.

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Get ahead with Ubuntu and Canonical

As Ubuntu use grows around the world, demand for compatible devices is increasing fast. From thin clients, desktops and laptops to enterprise servers, manufacturers are looking to capitalise.

To get to market quicker and reduce costs, OEMs and their partners need components that are compatible with the latest Ubuntu releases. For IHVs and ISVs, the big question is how to develop, test and certify such products.

The answer is to work with Canonical, the company sponsoring the Ubuntu project. OEMs, IHVs, ISVs and peripheral manufacturers can subscribe to the Canonical Technical Partner Programme, which provides all the information, tools and training a manufacturer needs to keep its products ahead of the Ubuntu development curve.

In addition to the Technical Partner Programme, we work together with the world’s leading silicon vendors and OEMs to install Ubuntu on their hardware and ensure it works seamlessly. These partnerships result in the worldwide availability of stable, secure and performance-optimised Ubuntu devices.

What you get when you work with us

  • Official hardware testing and certification
  • Custom development services
  • Product training and competence transfer
  • A global engineering network and support infrastructure
  • Marketing planning and assistance to support joint solutions and new revenue opportunities

Increase your sales by becoming Ubuntu Certified

Many of the world’s biggest PC manufacturers and server providers have chosen to certify their hardware for Ubuntu. Through our Ubuntu Certified programme, we can ensure that your hardware runs perfectly with Ubuntu along with the OEM market leaders who offer Ubuntu Certified hardware.

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