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Charm partner programme

If you’re an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) you know how difficult it can be for your customers to realise the full value of your software. Releasing your solutions with Juju, the award-winning application modelling tool from Canonical, can help your customers use your product at every stage, from proof of concept and development, through to full scale deployment.

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The power of charms

Juju lets you model, integrate and scale applications quickly and easily. By creating a Juju charm for your product, you make it easy for administrator and devops teams to integrate it with hundreds of other solutions.

Charms are sets of scripts that simplify the deployment and management tasks of specific services. They can be written in any language and leverage configuration management tools. Once a Charm has been created by your developers, anyone can use it to unleash the full power of your software.

The Juju Charm Store has over 300 applications ready to use today. They can even be combined in Bundles. If your application is commonly deployed with other services (as most are) a customer can use a Charm Bundle to deploy all the services together, wherever they need to run.

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The benefits of membership

  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Red carpet access to Juju engineers through the development and review process making it quicker to gain recommended Charm status and a more prominent Charm Store position
  • Tailored training on Charm creation and best practices
  • Ubuntu website promotion, including being featured as a Charm Partner
  • Enablement of multi-vendor turnkey solutions: Get introduced to other partners of the ecosystem to model higher level solutions answering even bigger challenges

Charms run everywhere Ubuntu does

  • Charms can be used to deploy services on a huge range of clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, IBM Softlayer, Joyent and more
  • They work on all kinds of bare metal architectures: x86, IBM POWER8 and ARM
  • They work in containers like Docker, VMware and LXC

What’s included?

As a partner involved in the Charm partner programme you can expect:

  • Inclusion in the Juju Charm Store
  • QA to ensure your charms meet the highest quality standards
  • Training and guidance on writing charms for your products
  • Co-marketing opportunities

Stringent quality testing

  • Learn how to write charms, and ensure that your charms meet quality standards
  • Use Juju’s integrated benchmarking solution to review how your application performs on the various clouds and recommend best practices to your customers
  • Leverage our Cloud Weather Reporting tool to identify if your application behaves as expected on all clouds

Become an Ubuntu partner

Interested in becoming an Ubuntu partner? Talk to us today to learn more about our programmes.

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