Ubuntu channel partner programme

Canonical works with channel partners around the world to ensure that local Ubuntu expertise is available on every continent. From OpenStack consulting and BootStack managed clouds to hardware sales and Ubuntu Advantage service contracts, the opportunity for Canonical partners grows by the day.

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Provide services with Canonical’s backing

Whether you’re a value-add reseller (VAR) or a systems integrator, the Ubuntu channel programme provides valuable training and, most importantly, direct access to the technology experts at Canonical. This enables you and your team to deploy Ubuntu solutions for your customers with confidence – and it gives you access to the highest level of service.

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What’s included?

  • Opportunities to profit from Ubuntu Advantage and BootStack support contracts
  • Joint lead generation and sharing
  • Access to Landscape and Autopilot, Canonical’s cloud management tools
  • Technical and sales training for your customer-facing team
  • Permission to use the Canonical and Ubuntu trademarks in your own materials
  • Inside information on forthcoming developments in Ubuntu
  • Joint marketing opportunities