Ubuntu software partners

Ubuntu has a thriving software ecosystem, with thousands of applications available for the PC, the server and the cloud — targeting both the enterprise and consumer markets.

We offer a range of benefits for ISVs looking to formalise their work with Ubuntu, through Canonical. As a certified partner, you’ll get inside information on forthcoming Ubuntu developments, assistance in testing and optimising your applications with Ubuntu and OpenStack — and priority access to Ubuntu engineers.


Cloud software partners

Ubuntu is the world’s leading cloud operating system — both as a guest on public clouds like Amazon and Windows Azure and as a platform on which to build OpenStack clouds. There are two Canonical partner programmes that can help you reach this huge ecosystem of users and developers. Whether you want to improve interoperability in OpenStack, streamline application delivery or simply access a bigger market, we can help.


Charm Partner Programme

Canonical’s award-winning cloud orchestrator, Juju, uses charms to demo software, integrate it and scale it up and down at the click of button. With Juju charms, any customer can deploy, integrate and scale your products the same way your engineers would.

Charmed products run on OpenStack clouds, Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, Google Cloud, HP Cloud, IBM Softlayer, Brightbox, Joyent, CloudSigma and more.

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What’s included?

  • Training and guidance on writing charms for your products.
  • Co-marketing opportunities including joint events, videos, blogs, PR and demos to potential customers.
  • Inclusion in our online charm database, available for instant download.
  • QA to ensure your charms meets quality standards.

Openstack Interoperability Lab for Software Partners

The Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL) includes significant additional benefits for partners looking to ensure their products are compatible with OpenStack, the world’s leading open cloud platform.

Canonical has a long history of interoperability testing between OpenStack and Ubuntu. OIL allows our partners to take advantage of this work, making it easier to QA the compatibility of their products.

What’s included?

  • Optimisation of cloud applications in the Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL)
  • Priority access to Ubuntu engineers and the Canonical Cloud and Server Roadmap
  • Licenses for up to three Landscape Dedicated Servers for systems management
  • Training on the creation, adaptation and real-world use of Juju Charms, plus entry into the repository of Juju solutions
  • Marketing assistance, including entry into our list of compatible solutions, joint revenue opportunities and support for joint solutions

App developer partners

Thanks to the ease with which users can find and install software using the Ubuntu Software Centre, Ubuntu already supports thousands of client applications. With the launch of Ubuntu phones and tablets — and the resulting opportunity to target three client platforms with just one codebase — the Ubuntu app market is set to grow exponentially.

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What’s included?

  • The Ubuntu SDK, allowing you to build one app for PC, smartphone and cloud
  • Easy, single upload to the Ubuntu Software Centre
  • Priority access to the engineers that develop Ubuntu
  • Marketing assistance and assets to help promote your apps