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Ubuntu and POWER8: the best of both worlds

In late 2013, Canonical and IBM established a joint development and support partnership resulting in the first commercial Linux distribution to support the emerging strategic direction of the (little-endian) POWER8 architecture with Ubuntu. Canonical's rapid and predictable release cycle has also enabled several other firsts such as: the first commercial Linux distribution to support OpenStack on POWER8; to enable drag and drop workload deployment on POWER; and provide initial support for CAPI (Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface), all within the first 9 months of the project. A collaboration driven by Ubuntu's ability to enable hardware and software innovation much more rapidly than any other commercial Linux distribution. This release early, release often model backed by enterprise test methodologies allow IBM and the rest of the OpenPOWER community to realize their revolutionary innovations and open approach to hardware and software development much more quickly than otherwise possible driving a true time to value advantage for their customers.

The partnership with Canonical provides our clients seamless and easy migration to Power Systems for unmatched big data and analytics performance and for simplified cloud deployments with superior performance economics.

Doug Balog, IBM, General Manager, Power Systems